HI with the HIGHLIFE!

HI with the HIGHLIFE!

Hi with the highlife!

Yeah this sure was a fun opportunity to be wild and just go creative but yet keep things at a simple concept. I've always loved tie-dye shirts I just think it's fun to be goofy and let loose and be the crazy person that each of us really is. I feel that with tie-dye it's a fun unique way to bring some color into your life and get out of your normal routine. Because most of us wear like solid shade shirts and want to be  matching as good as we can be in a uniform sense where everything matches. The tie-dye it's crazy it's goofy it's fun the matching symmetry comes from bright colors that don't always mesh with what you're gonna wear on a day-to-day basis. So when you are tired of the norm routine It can get you out of your normal routine and makes you feel a little happy and like you're doing something spontaneous.


Another reason I did tie-dye is most people don't know this but I love to go to Raves. And I just think it's super dope when you can wear a cool tie-dye when you are walking  to your favorite DJ to see a really cool set. And you pass by some black lights and you look down and everyone can see your shirt just glowing everywhere in the black light and that's why I chose neon colors because the neon glow was so vibrant and it's so sick. Everyone loves to look at it it's fun to see. 


 There's a skull head with a bucket hat smoking a joint with some marijuana leaves on his hat. And It just embodies some of the culture you going to see if you go to a rave. And it also embodies being young and free and doing what you wanna do in life and kind of breaking the rules. We want you to break the rules of the status quo kind of go against the norm that doesn't mean smoke weed. But smoking weed is just a general idea of getting out of the normal sense of life. And let's be honest the graphic looks pretty bad ass. I just got a sample of this I bought one for my fiancé and I. And the print turned out so much better than I had anticipated it is so sick I'll post a picture of that. We are going to be going to festival called BEYOND  WONDERLAND with some of our friends and will probably do a video blog book of everything that we do on the way. But we bought the shirts and we're gonna be wearing them out to beyond wonderland it's gonna be so sick. It's a two day rave in San Bernardino California. We're gonna be down there for three days just going hard with watching our favorite DJs. We’re just having fun in our 20s like we're young we need to enjoy the stuff before we get old. And if you’re old reading this get out and enjoy something that makes you feel young makes you feel good. Raves are our way of feeling good and just having a good time and letting loose. Letting loose in life is one of the most important things to do so you don't get stuck in the moment with the grind of every day life you have something fun to look forward to and Escape and change from a grinding attitude to an enjoying life attitude because as life goes on you can either work like a mad dog and have success. Or you can work smart use your mind think about what you want in life and create the circumstances that will give you what you want and also enjoy the journey. The secret is to enjoy the work you do, enjoy your every day life and just get out there and have some fun. I know I'm kind of rambling on a lot of different things in this blog but that's just how this blog is going to go. I guess more than anything it's a journal of my thoughts. You guys are welcome to critque on all my thoughts you guys are welcome to I like to hear it. I don't care just get back to me right your comments down below I will read them and I will get back to you as soon as I can. There are no notifications so you'll have to check the website see when I get back to you. I'm working on getting a notification set up so that when I respond to you you will get a message saying OK he got back to me on the blog that's pretty cool. So for now this is me signing out saying stay happy and get on the highlife in whatever you are doing.



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We don’t have any PLUR products yet. But we do love the rave culture. We have a few ideas in the burner. It’s in the works but I will keep you posted. I can email you.

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Do you guys make CANDI bracelets or anything PLUR?

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Hey man can you make the link clickable?


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