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Start the Conversation First.

This is a message board that anybody can write on. If you like what I'm saying. If you hate what I'm saying write it all below and engage the community. This is a platform to connect people to other people who know what they want out of life and who want to think about what they want think about and expressed their views with others. So say anything and spark up a conversation because we're human and what we need is to interact with each other and build a community. You guys are helping all of us build the community to reach more people and spread the think message.


The blog is back up and running this is the first one in two years. So it might be a little rusty at the beginning but it will get better as time goes on. Thanks for coming back and supporting the movement. What is the movement? The movement is to help you think about what you want in life so you know what you are striving for. And realize that we become what we Think about.


It's August already and we are going to be having a lot of new stuff coming out for the fall and winter seasons. I want to know what you guys want from us. Do you guys want hoodies? Do you guys want bombers? Do you guys want snow overalls? We are willing to make any crazy idea you have a reality. We want to listen to you so comment and tell us what you guys want to see in the future this winter and fall.

The future blogs will be on cool topics that I enjoy and I think you will too. We want to talk about what's going on the world we want to talk about things that will inspire you to improve your life and to just have fun and explore this planet. We want to make this text something beneficial to you or you can come away from it with something useful to use in your life or just for entertainment. So stay tune and we will have more blogs on the way.


We've got some new stuff on the website right now and we are going to be getting more in the future stay tuned. Right now we have a hat a couple new shirts our first women's hoodie sweater and a bucket hat. The tie-dye shirt is the  highlife shirt. the tree tee shirt  is for everyone who loves the woods. We have a pinky and the brain shirt which is pink and it's got brains on it. We've got an  EYE think sweater and this is one of my favorites it's got a super sick bulging eye on the sweater and its supposed to make you think about what you want in life. We have a stay young extended long T shirt and the whole purpose is to help Celebrate your youth. Then we have the skullcap it's a baseball cap with a skull on it and it has a sink logo on the back.

 Start the conversation and just say hi Bellow !

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When are you going to come out with some more long sleeves for fall? I want some lounge clothes…-_-


You say you want to connect!? How and why? What do your clothes have to do with people. I get the message I just want to know how you are going to do it.

Cloud monger 22

I want some beanies bro!

matt fraser

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