Street Art in California

Street Art in California

About 2 years ago I was returning back to the states from Peru. I had spent about a month and a half down in South America going around and checking it out. But on my way home to Utah, I had a week long stay in Los Angeles, California. I had no idea on what to expect or what I was even going to do in California ( I had spent most of my money in Peru and was almost broke). I thought California is expensive so this might suck. But I was wrong about the suck part. Yeah California is pricy but there was so much to do for cheap or next to nothing. I stayed at a hostel in the Venice Beach area. I met some fun friends. George and Michael were my favorite dudes I met. They were from Scotland on a gap year checking out the states. We went and checked out Santa Monica Pier and spent the whole week together. We walked and Ubered every where we went. We took boogie boards out and spent a couple days walking the beach and finding new places to go ride the waves at. It was amazing. While walking we came across so many murals and graphitti every where, it was so beautiful. I love graphitti and street art its so fun to see art expressed literally anywhere it can be painted. 

Some of my new shirts are going to incorporate a lot of my favorite pieces and places I visited in LA. After the oceanside we went to check out the heart of Hollywood in downtown LA. Is was so sick. There were so many street skaters skating everywhere downtown. Buildings everywhere, homeless people galore, and tons of coffee shops and local boutiques everywhere. This was my favorite boutique I visited, 

 It was full of all sorts of knick Nacks from  around the world and past times. It was so much fun walking around, eating different foods, smelling different smells and being out of my comfort zone. I saw so many things I could go on and on about. But to keep this blog post short and not turn it into a book lol I will just end it hear and post the rest of the sick street art I saw while in Cali. Well peace out! Please leave your questions and feedback below in the comments. I would love to chat with you


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